Japan Display Inc. (JDI), formed in April 2012 through the consolidation of the display panel businesses of Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba, is the leading global manufacturer of advanced small- and medium-sized LTPS LCD panels.

By leveraging its advanced technologies and the world’s largest LTPS production capacity, JDI provides high resolution, low power consumption and thin displays for smartphones, tablets, automotive electronics, digital cameras, medical equipment and other electronic devices.

JDI Products

Inches Pixels (W*H )Resol.DisplayRemarks
171280*768 WXGAIPSWide
191680*1050 WSXGA+IPSWide
21.31600*1200 UXGAIPS

Inches Pixels (W*H)Resol.Display Remarks
3.5240*320QVGAIPSMonochrome, Portrait
3.5320*240QVGAIPSMonochrome, Landscape
3.5240*320 QVGAIPSColor/24bit, Portrait
4.6430*430 IPSColor/18bit
7800*480 WVGAIPSColor/18bit, Landscape

LTPS inches Pixels (W*H)Resol.Density Remarks
4.3720*1280720HD341 ppi
4.7720*1280720HD312 ppiPixel Eyes
5720*1280720HD294 ppiPixel Eyes, IPS-NEO
4.71080*1920FHD469 ppi
51080*1920FHD441 ppiWhiteMagic
51080*1920FHD441 ppiPixel Eyes
5.21080*1920FHD424 ppiPixel Eyes, Wide Color Gamut, IPS-NEO
5.51080*1920FHD401 ppiPixel Eyes, IPS-NEO
5.91080*1920FHD373 ppi
5.21440*2560WQHD564 ppi
5.41440*2560WQHD543 ppiIPS-NEO
5.51440*2560WQHD534 ppiPixel Eyes, IPS-NEO
5.51440*2560WQHD516 ppiPixel Eyes, IPS-NEO
71200*1920WUXGA323 ppi
8.92560*1600WQXGA339 ppi
113840*21604k2k438 ppi

InchesPixels (W*H)Resol.DisplayRemarks
3640*480VGAIPSWhite Magic
3720*480VGA+IPSPixel Eyes
3720*480VGA+IPSPixel Eyes, White Magic
3.2720*480 VGA+IPSPizel Eyes

OutlineInchesPixels (W*H)PixelsTechnology
Round1.34320*300238ppiMIP + Analog video

JDI Recent News

Entering sensor business arena to enable the era of highly-developed security

jdi Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor

Japan Display Inc. (JDI) announced that it has developed a transparent glass-based capacitive fingerprint sensor by applying the company’s capacitive multi-touch technology used in its other liquid crystal displays (LCDs). JDI plans to start commercial shipments within its 2018 fiscal year, which ends March of 2019.

JDI is striving to enter the sensor business arena in preparation for the era of highly-developed security, and gain its new position in this non-display sector by leveraging its experience and know-how fostered through the development of low-temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) LCDs.

JDI’s glass-based capacitive fingerprint sensor applies the basic touch functionality technology that is integrated in its in-cell Pixel EyesTM displays which have been used in smartphone and digital still camera applications. With Pixel EyesTM, the touch functionality is integrated into the glass substrate by detecting the changes in capacitance that occur when a finger touches the LCD surface. The glass substrate identifies the area touched by the finger through the detection of the changes in capacitance.

This technology has evolved within JDI to the extent that the company has succeeded in enhancing it to detect the changes in capacitance caused by the recesses and ridges of an individual’s fingerprints. This further technological development made it possible to form JDI’s new capacitive fingerprint sensor on a transparent glass substrate. JDI will expand the lineup to include larger or smaller sizes as well as this 8mm x 8mm sensor.

In the future, by utilizing JDI’s flexible display technology, it is expected that greater degrees of freedom in product design will be enabled by developing thinner and flexible fingerprint sensors.