Tianma Micro-Electronics is a China-based display producer that was established in 1983. TianMa has been active with OLED R&D since 2010.

Tianma is currently producing AMOLED displays in low volume in its 5.5-Gen pilot fab, and in April 2017 the company announced that its 6-Gen LTPS AMOLED fab in Wuhan, China, is now starting to produce panels. This is the first 6-Gen AMOLED line in China to enter production. The new fab will produce both rigid and flexible OLEDs.

Tianma Products

SFT - Super Fine TFT

Excellent view angle
Smooth transition of video/image

Reflective Mode display

Sunlight refection
Good outdoor readability
Low power consumption

Free Form display

Customized outline (round, polygon, annulus, trapezoid)
Flexible design

Touch-One-Stop solution

Touch panel controller included
Integrated PCAP


CTP LCM separated

On-Cell & TED

On-cell : Touch sensor between the backside of CF substrate and front POL

TED : Embedded touch sensors inside the array layer

Smart Module

LCD + CTP + Main board + Software + Components

EBN (Enhanced Black Nematic)

Automotive & Industrial
Super black background
Super high contrast

Tianma Recent News

tianma hdr lcd

Tianma’s 6.46-inch HDR (high dynamic range) LCD has been honored with a Best in Show Award, presented by SID at Display Week 2018. Based on LTPS technology, the prototype’s performance in contrast ratio, response time, resolution and brightness put it on-par with today’s AMOLED displays. This is Tianma’s first time winning this prestigious award.

Developed by Tianma Micro-electronics Co., this HDR display is the industry’s first WQHD full-screen display for smartphones, generating real resolution of 498PPI and utilizing mini-LED technology to achieve multi-zone local dimming.

Tianma’s HDR display offers excellent performance for smartphones, with peak brightness above 1000 nits and maximum local contrast over 3,000,000:1. The display also features 10-bit gray code signal input and output with DCI-P3 color gamut. These features combine to produce images that more closely replicate real-life scenes, enabling the LTPS LCD to better compete at OLED performance levels.

The Tianma HDR display for smartphones is expected to be in production by the end of 2019.

Tianma P/N

Industrial NL Series 
NL3224AC36-01 F NL8060BC31-51C 
NL3224AC36-01D NL8060BC31-50F 
NL6448AC18-12F NL8060BC31-47/47D 
NL6448AC18-11D NL10276BC24-21L 
NL6448AC18-08F NL10276BC24-21F 
NL6448BC18-07 NL10276AC30-52C 
NL6448BC20-35C/35F NL10276AC30-58F 
NL6448BC20-35/35D NL10276AC30-48D: 
NL6448BC20-30C/30F NL10276AC30-45D 
NL6448BC20-30/30D NL10276AC30-42D 
NL10276BC13-01 NL10276BC30-34R 
NL6448BC26-27/27D NL8048AC19-21
NL6448BC26-26C/26F NL8048AC19-14F 
NL6448BC26-26/26D NL8048AC19-13 
NL8060BC21-21D NL8048BC19-02C 
NL8060BC21-11C/11F NL8048BC19-02 
NL8060BC21-11/11D NL8048BC21-03F 
NL10276BC16-06/06D NL8048BC24-12/12D 
NL6448AC33-A1D NL8048BC24-09/09D 
NL6448BC33-71C/71F NL12880BC16-02F 
NL6448BC33-71/71D NL192108AC13-02D 
NL6448BC33-70C/70F NL12880AC20-20D
NL6448BC33-70/70D NL12880AC20-14D
NL8060AC26-54D NL12880BC20-07F 
NL8060BC26-35 C/35F NL13676BC25-07F 
NL8060BC26-35/35D NL13676AC25-05D 
NL8060BC26-35E NL192108BC18-06F 
NL10276BC20-47 NU92108AC18-02D 
NL10276BC20-18C/18F NU92108AC18-01D 
Medical Products 
NL160120AM27-33A NL204153AC21-17 
NL160120AC27-32 NL256204AM16-02A 
NL204153AC21-25 NL256204AC16-01 
Touch NL Series 
NL6448BC20-30JF NL10276BC20-18KE
NL10276BC13-01JA NL10276BC20-18KD
NL8048AC19-14KH NL10276BC20-18BD
NL8048AC19-13KD NL12876AC18-07DC
NL8048AC19-13BD NL10276BC24-36KD
NL8060BC21-11KG NL12880BC20-13ND 
NL10276BC16-06KD NL12880BC20-05BD 
NL8060BC26-56KD NL12880BC20-05BA 
NL8060BC26-35BD NL10276KC30-50DD 
NL8060BC26-35BA NL10276KC30-43DD